Julian Dorey

87,000 subscribers & 68.9 Million Views in 90 days

Mission and Statement

Julian was tired of working with amateur freelancers, managing them, and ending up with videos that never got the organic growth he was looking for.

He ended up wasting his money, and his time and ended up hurting his brand presence with the subpar quality of the videos.

He wanted a solid video team that can :

  1. Create and post short-form content on all his social channels
  2. Grow his podcast organically
  3. Save time so he can focus on long-form podcast episodes

When we started working with Julian:

The mission was to leverage the power of short-form content and help his podcast grow not only on YouTube but on Tik-Tok and Instagram at the same time while he can Focus on his long-form podcasts and grow the main channel.


Deliverables that skyrocketed the podcast:

  1. Editing MOAT - An editing style that is unique to his podcast.
  2. Holistic short-form content strategy - A strategy that suits his way of recording the podcasts. The idea was to build a narrative and tell stories with every video we edit and post.
  3. Organic growth strategy - Putting together a publishing strategy to help him grow on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube simultaneously.

Results & Impacts

68 Million+ Views in 90 days
More than 87,000 subscribers on a brand-new channel
Multiple Viral videos
Multi-platform growth
Indirect organic growth on the main channel
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Let us understand your growth goals

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